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1028 N Kingshighway - Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

1028 N Kingshighway - Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

1028 N Kingshighway - Cape Girardeau, MO 637011028 N Kingshighway - Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

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TracVision RV1

Introducing the RV1

Keep Travelers and Field Crews Entertained with Satellite TV

Whether  you are transporting athletes or vacationers, or your field crew has  down time in a remote location, your vehicles will be in demand when you  can offer favorite programming from DIRECTV®, DISH Network® HD, Bell  TV, and select linear Ku-band regional services in Europe. KVH’s  affordable TracVision RV1 is an ultra-compact (32 cm, 12.5 inch),  lightweight, reliable, in-motion powerhouse with a single-cable design  that makes it easy to install.

Advanced Technology and Superior Reception

TracVision  RV1’s unmatched performance and reliability provide your customers with  hundreds of channels of satellite TV entertainment in no time. Advanced  inertial-based stabilized search enables fast satellite acquisition.  High performance tracking with advanced algorithms provides  crystal-clear television picture in extreme conditions. Now you can  stand apart from the competition by offering on-the-go access to the  best and broadest selection of satellite TV programming available. 


Low Profile TrackVision A9

 KVH designed the TracVision A9 with your RV in mind; at just 5 inches  high, this system ensures there are no issues with height restrictions.  TracVision A9 has multi-satellite capability for a wide range of  programming. Never miss your favorite sports teams in action or your  family’s favorite TV shows, and stay informed with current traffic,  weather, and news information.  


The KVH TracVision® TV/RV-series app

 With the TracVision TV/RV-series app you can:
• Access a wizard for easy installation and setup of your TracVision system
• Use your mobile device to update TracVision TV/RV-series system software, including updates to the satellite library
• Access antenna status and advanced system diagnostics for fast troubleshooting
• Choose automatic or manual satellite switching
• Control optional IP AutoSwitches that deliver simple automatic satellite switching for multiple receiver installations
• Find  answers to operational questions  using the embedded Help and Frequently Asked Questions
•  Perform extensive diagnostics including automatic log reports that are  sent directly to KVH Technical Support for troubleshooting 

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KVH Marine

 New Features and Technology from the Leader in Marine Satellite TV
TracVision TV1’s sleek, IP-enabled TV-Hub is the belowdecks powerhouse  that makes this advanced system simple to use. The TV-Hub enables a  friendly user interface that you can access from any mobile device or  laptop, providing system information at your fingertips. Bring the  DVB-S2 compatible TracVision TV1 onboard today and start enjoying  favorite programming from DIRECTV®, DISH Network®, Bell TV, and select  linear Ku-band regional services worldwide. 


Land or Marine TV, Data or Phone

 KVH Industries is a leading manufacturer of solutions that provide  global high-speed Internet, television, and voice services via satellite  to mobile users at sea and on land. These solutions include the  mini-VSAT Broadband network, TracPhone satellite communications systems,  and TracVision satellite television systems. KVH is also a premier  manufacturer of high performance sensors and integrated inertial systems  for defense and commercial guidance and stabilization applications.  

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