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At Down To Earth Satellite, we know your TV service is important to you and your family. We are proud to be one of this area's original Dish Network dealers. 

David Michel hands the keys to Mark Jackson

Now A Division of Network Communications

David Michel hands the keys to Mark Jackson

In January Down To Earth was purchased by Mark Jackson, owner of Network Communications. Mark has been in the satellite business since 1982 and brings with him his knowledge in satellite internet, RF distribution design and installation, commercial Sirius Satellite Radio, Private Cable design installation and maintenance, custom installations for business and residential customers as well as background music  installation. 


Your Local Professionals

With our new relationship with Network Communications, Down To Earth now offers DIRECTV and Viasat Internet as well as DTE's Dish service. Dan Frazier (DTE's technician & owner of Frazier Communications) is still with us as well as Chad Moore and  Mark. Call or drop by and visit with us for all your satellite, security, camera, home automation, custom wiring & installation needs. Serving this area for over 35 years!



We're Combining Our Businesses Into One

As we grow, we're combining both company's as well as their respective websites. 


Down To Earth Satellite has been located in the same office building since we started back in 1985. In 2017 we remodeled and moved to an office adjacent to our original office. We have a much larger and modern office facility that allows us to better serve our customers.

Drop  by and visit with us. Let us show you the Hopper system by Dish. Or bring your laptop and try Viasat Internet out for yourself. See why it's the fastest growing Internet service serving the rural residents and businesses.

See how easy it is for you to get Dish, DirecTV or Viasat installed at your home or office. Check out the current promotional offers. See what it would cost to switch providers or upgrade your current service. We're not high pressure sales. We will listen to your needs and provide you with honest suggestions to provide you with the best possible solutions for your needs.

​Our  mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver high performance products through continuous product innovation and  operational excellence. We carry complete product lines from Dish, DirecTV, AT&T Wireless, Viasat, KVH, SiriusXM Commercial and Vivint Smart Home


Introducing the HOPPER 3™ More Capabilities, Fewer Conflicts

Additional Information

 More Tuners, More TV, Less Conflict

The  biggest update is the 16-tuner capability of the HOPPER 3™. Watch and  record up to 16 movies, sitcoms, games and more at the same time. No  more competing with members of your household over conflicting time  slots — the power of 16 has you covered.

In addition to increased  tuners, you now have the ability to watch and customize six channels at  once with the Mosaic feature. With Joey technology, one HOPPER 3™ can  support up to seven TVs.

Interface Facelift

Expert  and user reviews about DVR interfaces have been critical across the  board. The HOPPER 3™’s user interface has been redesigned based on  consumer feedback, and as a result the experience is more intuitive.  Beyond improved navigation and layout, predictive search is now  available across channels and apps. Users can also search for specific  topics such as “Oscar-winning movies” or “movies with Denzel  Washington.”

In addition, the HOPPER’s processor has been  updated, making this HOPPER seven times faster than its predecessor —  which means easier searching, channel-flipping and recording. Other  bonuses include parental controls, adjustable text and a binge  watching-friendly layout. 

 Have It Your Way With 4K

Entire  articles have been written to discuss the pros and cons of 4K TV and  how to find 4K content. Opinions aside, 4K TV market penetration is  expected to increase about 10 percent in 2016 to reach 23 percent,  according to estimates by WitsView. Whether you’re on the 4K bandwagon  or not, it’s good to know the HOPPER 3™ is 4K capable.

4K TV  owners can watch, record and store their favorite content in 4K to the  2-TB Hopper hard drive. Previous Hoppers enabled users to create an  at-home sports bar effect, but now that effect is enhanced with the  ability to watch up to six sports channels in 4K. For those with  whole-home entertainment needs, the 4K Joey is here. The  Bluetooth-enabled 4K Joey is the slimmest Joey to date and is fully  functional with non-4K TVs.

Say Hello to the New Remote

New  features are great, but without an effective way to navigate and access  them, they’re also irrelevant. Enter the new Hopper remote. The Hopper  Voice Remote has a simplified design with an illuminated touchpad that  serves as the main control engine. And as the name implies, this remote  features advanced voice recognition, which you access via a side-mounted  button. 

 Other user-friendly components include button backlights and dual  control of your TV and AUX input (or more with infrared learning).  Capabilities from previous Hopper remotes return, such as the ‘locate  remote’ feature and one-button access to on-screen help and tips.  Previous Hopper remotes are supported with the HOPPER 3™.

Plus All These Features

HEVC decoding and 3D support
AutoHop skips ads on select recorded prime-time shows when you wait to watch them
Interactive TV with announcement stream capability
Up to 9-day picture-in-guide with optional widescreen electronic program guide (EPG)
Name-based recording and advanced recommendation engine
TV Anywhere placeshifting via integrated Sling Technology
Transfer DVR recordings to an iPad using sideloading functionality from DISH Anywhere
Works with DISH Explorer second-screen app
Over-the-air (OTA) support via external USB-connected devices
Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi
Bluetooth audio streaming
Over 70 SiriusXMTM music channels
Dolby Digital® support
Browser-based apps
On-screen caller ID with history
Favorites lists
Closed captioning and SAP support
Faster network and external hard drive access using GigabitEthernet and USB 3.0 ports
Upgraded embedded TSIO security
Targeted advertising via INVIDI
Viewer measurement
Set-top box health reporting
Temperature management
Software upgradeable via satellite 


New customers or upgrades. Give us a call. We will work with you to find the products that will make your TV viewing easy and exciting!

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