We Now Offer AT&T Cellular Phones and Services

Network Communications Is Now an AUTHORIZED AT&T Sales Agent

As a long time LOCAL DirecTV dealer, we were chosen by AT&T to be one a very few LSP's to offer wireless service to our customers. 

We now offer most of the same services that the AT&T stores offer including new or upgrade phones, new lines or service, the ATT Next plans - pretty much everything the ATT store offers - Except the pushy sales people!

Apple, Samsung Galaxy, LG, AT&T - all the popular brands! Same prices, same deals, same no money down. Give us a call. Let us show you an easier, more simple way to get that new or upgraded phone!

Get AT&T's most popular phones for $0 down. Get the new iPhone XR FREE. Call us for more information. Bundle your services and save even more.

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ATT plans, offers and services change frequently. Click on the link below and visit ATT Wireless. Look over the current plans and pricing - then call or stop by our store. We'll get your order started and get you set up with new, upgraded plans and/or equipment. 

(If you place your order on AT&T's website, we won't be your dealer so be sure and place your order with us)

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